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Kekon Radial MLC Capacitors

are designed according to international specification IEC (or to EIA) as
Radial Multilayer Capacitors


bulletthe ultrastable CG, known as
NP0 (C0G)
bulletthe stable 2R1 (X7R) and
bulletthe general purpose
2F4 (Y5V).
NP0 dielectric is made of ceramic materials which are not ferroelectric.This yields a superior stability characteristic, but relatively low capacitance.

Both 2R1 (X7R) and 2F4 (Y5V) are made from ferroelectric materials, principally barium titanate.

The NP0 capacitors are used in applications which require very stable characteristics with no dependence of capacitance and dissipation factor (tand) on time, voltage and frequency.

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bulletCapacitance range: up to 10 mF
bulletRated voltage: up to 10kV
bulletSizes: download catalogue for details
bulletCG(NPO), 2F4 (Y5V) and 2R1 (X7R) temperature characteristics
bulletOperating temperature range - 55C to +125C
bulletCompliant to Standard IEC 384-14
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