On the basis of our long experience and presence in the market, we became oriented towards production of custom-designed products with higher added value.

Our expanded selection of ceramic multilayer capacitors satisfies every kind of demands for:

  • engineering,
  • automotive control,
  • communications,
  • high voltage power supply,
  • general purposes.


We are qualified and equipped to conduct development of new component from the idea to the prototype. The expanded selection of ceramic multilayer capacitors will satisfy every kind of demands.

The research and development group work closely with the following scientific Institutes and technical organization:

  • the Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana,
  • the University of Ljubljana,
  • industrial research institutes.


From the point of view of forward programming and technology, we are oriented towards market niches.

We deliver strategic development of new components from the idea to product:

  • design and construction of the product,
  • setting up a production line or optimizing implementation in the production,
  • machine construction for the needs of establishing a production line
  • control and optimization of production,
  • professional support throughout the process,
  • maintaining the ongoing process after the completion of the project designing.


We are ISO 9001 certified by Bureau Veritas since 2002.

The raw materials used in the production process are products of world manufacturers and leaders in ceramic design and development.

Our established quality systems protects products from defects and attains continuous improvement in every activity.